Sunday, June 25, 2006

Água de Moringa

Last summer I had the pleasure to enjoy a live performance featuring the group Choro Brasil Scandinavia at the Copenhagen Jazzfestival. A couple of members of this Scandinavian-Brasilian choro ensemble, Marcillo Lopes (man) and Jayme Vignoli (cav), are also members of the Brasilian award winning group, Água de Moringa. Their secound album "Saracoteando" (1998), yielded two awards to the band: best group and best arranger (Josimar Carneiro), both in the Instrumental Music category. In 2002, they released a third album, with previously unreleased music by Pixinguinha. I highly recommend this album as an example of contemporary choro incorporating the best of the tradition in an up to date performance.

Água de Moringa: As Inéditas de Pixinguinha (Sony Clássicos Brasileiros 2-502762)
Rui Alvim (clarinet & bass clarinet)
Marcílio Lopes (bandolim & tenor guitar)
Jayme Vignoli (cavaquinho)
Luiz Flavio Alcofra (guitar)
Josimar Gomes Carneiro (7-string guitar)
André “Boxexa” Santos (drums & percussion)
Humberto Araújo (tenor sax)—track 7
Cristóvão Bastos (piano)—track 10
Eliseu Moreira Costa (atabaque)—track 1
Zero & Gordinho (percussion)—tracks 4, 9, 13
Soundclips available at clickmusic


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