Thursday, July 06, 2006

Abel Ferreira - Clarinet Choro (1)

Abel Ferreira (1915-1980) is considered one of the most important names in the choro genre.As a true maestro of the clarinet he excelled his skills in various orchestras and was featured on radio. Throughout the 1950'ies and 1960'ies he accumulated a good deal of international experience, touring both Europe and USA. Throughout that period, the choro genre showed a decrease of interest from audiences, but Ferreira managed to keep himself in good shape, ready to profit on the revival of choro in the '70s as one of the most important names.An excellent improviser, Ferreira had his best moments in recordings with the Cinco Companheiros (where he played with Pixinguinha, among others). His most successful compositions are the choros "Chorando Baixinho" and "Acariciando."
A career profile including soundclips at AMG
More soundclips at AllBrazilianMusic


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Just love his playing...can't seem to find a CD of his work.

12 June, 2013  

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