Monday, July 31, 2006

Carolina & Garoto - Discography

A couple of days ago I posted a message with a request on info concerning the recordings made by Carolina Cardoso de Menezes and Garoto. Here is a list of the recordings I found browsing the Funarte database:
- MARIA ELENA (VICTOR 80.0003-A,S-052587) 31.07.1942
- AMOROSO (VICTOR 80.0003-B,S-052586) 31.07.1942
- AMOR-CIELITO LINDO (RITMO DE FOX) (VICTOR 80.0044-A,S-052648) 09.11.1942
- JALOUSIE (RITMO DE FOX) (VICTOR 80.0044-B,S-052649) 09.11.1942
- TICO-TICO NO FUBA (VICTOR 80.0061-A,S-052694) 12.01.1943
- CARINHOSO (VICTOR 80.0061-B,S-052695) 12.01.1943
- UM PEU D'AMOUR (RITMO DE FOX) (VICTOR 80.0068-A,S-052710) 01.02.1943
- AMOREUSE (RITMO DE FOX) (VICTOR 80.0068-B,S-052711) 01.02.1943
- RATO, RATO (VICTOR 80.0207-A,S-078010) 30.06.1944
- FALA BANDOLIM (VICTOR 80.0207-B,S-078011) 30.06.1944
- DOR DE UM CORACAO (VICTOR 80.0222-A,S-078042) 21.08.1944
- OS PATINADORES (RITMO DE SAMBA) (VICTOR 80.0222-B,S-078043) 21.08.1944
If some of you have further info on the recordings made by Carolina e Garoto, I should be happy to hear from you and post your message in a new posting later.


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