Thursday, July 20, 2006

So Relax!

Today has been the warmest day in 2006 at my spot of the Globe, the temperature this afternoon reached +32 degrees Celcius. Not even a short rain shower was able to lower the temperature of the day, on the contrary at this moment the air is so humid that sweat is streaming at my fingers while writing this.
Anyway, under such circumstances the best thing to do is relaxing. So I have decided to relax in a pleasant company with one of my all time favorite musical performers, Leon Redbone. I suggest you to do the same, if you like to listen to great music and song in the good old tradition of our shared preferences. My choice of the Redbone legacy for today is his live-performance at the Olympia, Paris, from 1992, released on a cd in 2005.

Soundclips available here
More about Leon Redbone here and here

The official website of Mr. Redbone can be reached by clicking here



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