Saturday, August 05, 2006

Trio Surdina

Searching info on Garoto I came across the name of Trio Surdina. This trio consisted of violinist Fáfa Lemos, accordionist Chiquinho and Garoto on guitar. The trio was formated 1952 to perform at a late night radio program and had great success with Brasilian radio audience in the early 1950'ies.

Alvaro Neder writes a small profile of the Trio Surdina under the entry of violinist Fáfa Lemos in AMG:

"Paulo Tapajós, musical director for Rádio Nacional, created the show Música em Surdina (music in mute), under the winning concept of taking the excellent soloists hired by the station from the orchestral mass and putting them in small groups. So, Tapajós created the Trio Surdina: Lemos, Garoto (violão and several other string instruments), and Chiquinho do Acordeon (accordion). Sometimes the trio was joined by Vidal (bass) and Bicalho (percussion). After prime time, they would entertain the listeners for hours, playing refined instrumental music until the daily closing of the broadcasts. Playing international music in Brazilian rhythms, they also incorporated Noel Rosa classics ("Com que Roupa?" sung by Lemos); "Ninguém me Ama" (Antônio Maria/Fernando Lobo, a hit in the voice of Nora Ney); and the trio's own compositions, such as the choro "Relógio da Vovó" and the baião "Nós Três." In 1953, the trio released the first of a series of LPs (Musidisc): Garoto's "Duas Contas," which can be considered a precursor of bossa nova, regarding lyrics, harmony, and melody. Tied by contract to the radio, the trio was emulated by some or all of its members in recordings for singers under a great deal of denominations. For example, "Vingança" (Lupicínio Rodrigues) was recorded by Linda Batista in 1951 (RCA), where pianist Carolina Cardoso de Menezes subbed the accordion of Chiquinho's, and "Risque" (Ary Barroso) was recorded next year by the same singer, this time with the exact formation of Trio Surdina".

If some of the readers of this blog spot have more info on Trio Surdina and the recordings they made, please feel free to post a comment.



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