Friday, June 01, 2007

Carioca Soul And The Spirit of Choro

Choro was born in Rio de Jainero during the late decades of the 19th Century and developed into a musical genre which expresses the musical soul of the city. I found a cartoon on YouTube that explains how the spirit of choro and the Carioca soul are experienced by a young boy, who encounters choro musicians performing in the street where he plays. Enjoy Alma Carioca: Um choro de menino

The soul of Carioca and the spirit of choro attract people from all over the world - and not just from other parts of Brazil. I found a video fragment of a roda de choro in the famous Rio music store, 'O Bandolim de Ouro', featuring a young Japanese, who learned to play bandolim listening to records by Jacob do Bandolim in Japan and then headed for Rio just to play together with the usual crowd of Brazilians at the store! Enjoy this performance of Jacob do Bandolim's 'Cabuloso'

If choro expresses the soul of Rio, the music never stops - you may attend choro sessions day and night. Night time seems to be the right time for a performance of Jacob do Bandolim's very popular 'Noites Cariocas'. Enjoy a video performance of this tune by Marco de Pinna Quinteto recorded at a night show in Ipanema,RJ.

Ending these impressions of Rio's musical life only a Happy Birthday to my friend and originator of this blog-spot, Hans, remains. In Dutch: Gelukkige Verjaardag!!!



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