Friday, July 06, 2007

Chorinhos e Choros

In 1974 Antonio Carlos Fortura made a documentary on choro, "Chorinhos e Choros", for TV in Brazil to be used for education of young people in knowledge of a crucial chapter of the nation's cultural legacy. Now this documentary (- about 10 min of length) has been uploaded at YouTube and inserted below to share with our regular visitors. The speak is in Portuguese, but if you don't understand the words, the film has great footage of legendary choro legends like Luperce Miranda, Jacob do Bandolim, Época de Ouro a.o., however, the message comes through clearly in the music of the soundtrack.
Enjoy Antonio Carlos Fortura's "Chorinhos e Choros"

As a follow-up to the documentary above I insert two more videos uploaded at YouTube. Here it's a performance by Grupo Samba Choro at bar Calaf, Brasília, entertaining an enthusiastic public

The last video this time features a group of young choro musicians demonstrating new horizons in this fascinating music style, recorded in Rio 2001



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