Friday, June 27, 2008

Sempre Jacob!

JACOB PICK BITTENCOURT (1918-1969) aka Jacob do Bandolim is an immortal name in the field of famous choro musicians, who - like Pixinguinha - helped shaping this Brazilian music style in the way we know it today. Jacob do Bandolim left a heritage of recordings, music compositions and a huge compilation of collected manuscripts from years of research of known as well as unknown choro composers. The legacy of Jacob do Bandolim is carefully documented by INSTITUTO JACOB DO BANDOLIM that has its own informative website (- in Portuguese only) to be reached clicking here
Items still searched for by the INSTITUTO DO JACOB BANDOLIM are motion pictures of Jacob performing, no material seems to have been saved by television or by collectors - the intitut has a reward of R$ 2.000,00 for people, who can supply motion picture recordings featuring Jacob - the only sequence yet available is a silent movie (c.35 sec) of an interview, here applied with a sound track of Jacob's famous choro composition "Assanhando"

Recently I found a video documenting snap shots of Jacob do Bandolim's life and career, the still photos are accompanied by Jacob's recording of "Vibrações" and you also can hear his voice introducing this video document

Perhaps one of the best ways to preserve Jacob do Bandolim's musical heritage is to play his music! New generations of choro musicians have carried on his legacy since his passing away in 1969. To end this small contribution, I insert a video featuring a young bandolim player accompanied by his father to show you an uplifting example. Enjoy young Fernandinho playing his rendition of Jacob's "Assanhando"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to point to this best choro musician of the XXth century! His importance shouldn't be ignored !!

Thanks Jo


27 June, 2008  

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