Friday, January 30, 2015

Danilo Brito - New CD By Bandolinista Extraordinaire

Danilo Brito
The excellent bandolinista, Danilo Britohas released a new CD last November. The CD has no title, but contains nine pieces of music all composed by Danilo Brito. He is accompanied by a traditional regional ensemble which comprises Carlos Moura (violão 7 cordas), Wesley Vasconcelos (violão), Lucas Arantes (cavaquinho), Roberto Figueroa (pandeiro) and there is a guest appearance by André Mehmari (piano) in the last track. The repertoire of the disc are compositions in the classic choro style and every track is a listening delight performed by excellent and very skilled musicians. Danilo Brito stands out as a magnificent soloist mastering his instrument with impeccable technique, and his great playing throughout mixes speed, tone and expression with a marvellous result. The CD is a superior example of the virtuosity of a great artist, highly recommended!
CD-front: Danilo Brito, Orpheu Music, Orpheu 05
Further info on the CD is available here and it may be purchased here. You also have the opportunity to listen to all tracks in full length in streaming audio at Sound Cloud, here. 
Below I'll insert some uploaded YouTube videos presenting some of the music recorded at the CD. Here is first Danilo Brito and his regional from the release promotion of the CD playing the tune 'Foi Ontem'

From the same promotion presentation, here is Danilo Brito and ensemble playing 'Pega Ratáo'

Danilo Brito also shows off his skills at the violão tenor, here's an example recorded at the mentioned CD, the tune is titled 'Generoso'

To end this small presentation of the music at Danilo Brito's new CD, here is a live performance of the waltz titled 'Vermelha' in a duo setting



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